4x2 Gable End Component Connections

A message from Andrew Johnson, PE, MiTek's Director of Engineering Services, Truss Connectors

May 20, 2021

Gable end components are intended for use as a continuation of the bearing end wall on which they rest and not as clear span trusses. These components are typically manufactured by the truss fabricators and are constructed with top and bottom chords and vertical studs spaced at 24” on center or less and held together with metal connector plates. They are fabricated in this manner with the intent being to transfer the vertical gravity loads created by one foot of tributary area to the bearing wall below. For these reasons gable end components are not considered engineered components.

If the ladder truss or gable truss components are intended to be used as described above, connector plates are not required to be used at each joint. Member connections should be one of the approved methods in IRC Table R602.3(1) or IBC Table 2304.1.

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