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Virtual Training Day - December 17th
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CompuTrus FAQ

Since we acquired the CompuTrus® software in 2009, we have invested enormous time and resources in updating and maintaining this software to prolong its viability for users. However, no software program has a perpetual lifespan, and most programs last less than 10 years in the marketplace.

Effective December 31, 2022, MiTek will end the life of CompuTrus software. No maintenance, support or other services will be available for this suite of programs after January 1, 2023. MiTek will support capability throughout the life of all licenses currently in place until January 1, 2023.

Below are FAQs related to your use of CompuTrus software. If you have additional questions not listed here, please reach out to your MiTek Sales Manager.

  1. My CompuTrus software or shortcut to CompuTrus won’t open the program, why?
    You may have the program installed, but since it has reached its end of life your licensing has expired; the program will no longer launch.

  2. Will the CompuTrus software be removed from my computer?
    No, you will have to remove the program.

  3. Will CompuTrus software still run if my license expires after the End of Life date?
    CompuTrus software will not be supported after the End of Life date.

  4. Will MiTek install and run on the same machine as CompuTrus?
    Yes, however, see minimum requirements here:

  5. Can my existing CompuTrus EdgeCAD layouts be used in MiTek® Structure?
    No, you will need to create in a new layout in MiTek® Structure, however if you export a DXF or DWG, that can be imported into MiTek® Structure. Contact MiTek Technical Support with questions 1-866-648-3587.

  6. I have previously engineered CompuTrus trusses that have been sealed by a certified engineer at MiTek and I have the paper/electronic copy of those seals; are they still valid?
    Yes, paper or electronic sealed drawings are still valid after the CompuTrus software's end of life has passed.

  7. I need to design a new layout or truss. What do I do?
    Open MiTek® Structure and design a new layout and trusses.

  8. Will any new building codes be included in CompuTrus?
    No, MiTek® Structure with Integrated Design has all the required new building codes.

  9. I have a CompuTrus sealed component truss design installed in a home and it needs a repair. What do I do?
    If you have the original CompuTrus truss design, it can be converted in Structure with Integrated Truss Design and submitted for repair. If you no longer have the original truss file, contact your MiTek Engineering Department for assistance at 1-314-434-1200.

  10. I use CompuTrus and need to be converted to MiTek® Structure, how do I do that?
    Contact MiTek Technical Support who will put you in touch with your MiTek salesperson 1-866-648-3587.

  11. Can I send a job for seals after the End of Life date for CompuTrus?
    No, we will no longer support reviewing and sealing of CompuTrus component truss designs.

  12. What if I have an ongoing project and need to submit for CompuTrus seals after the end of life date?
    Everything that requires sealed drawings will need to be submitted before the End of Life date stated above.

  13. What if I need CompuTrus truss designs resealed?
    We will no longer support reviewing and sealing of CompuTrus component truss designs after the end of life date.

  14. Can I import my CompuTrus EdgeTrack customer database into MiTek® Management?
    No, please Contact MiTek Technical Support 1-866-648-3587.

  15. I use MiTek® Structure but still use CompuTrus Project Manager for cutting and pricing reports. Will it still run after the End of Life?
    No, MiTek offers Management and Production software. Contact MiTek Technical Support who will put you in touch with your MiTek salesperson 1-866-648-3587.

  16. We have custom reports in CompuTrus Project Manager. Can MiTek create similar reports in MiTek Management?
    Yes, please Contact MiTek Technical Support 1-866-648-3587.