Isolation Mode in Viewer

The following video demonstrates Isolation Mode in SAPPHIRE® Viewer.

Isolation Mode is now available in SAPPHIRE™ Viewer version 8.1.  Isolation Mode allows the user to select an object or group of objects and deemphasize the rest of the model.  To use Isolation Mode, set the current view to either Plan View or one of the 3D solid views.  In our example, we’ll set the view to a 3D Solid View and we will select the floor system by left-clicking the floor container.  Now, by right-clicking the floor container, Isolation Mode can be selected from the pop-up menu.  The model can still be manipulated by rotating it, adjusting the viewpoint and zooming.  If we switch to Plan View, we can use the Alt+Select method to select all of the objects that match the type we are interested in.  For more information on the Alt+Select method, view the instructional video titled “The Power of Alt Select.”  Note that all of our beams have been selected.  We can now navigate to the 3D Solid View and see that the rest of the objects in the model have been made transparent in order to emphasize our selected beams.  To exit Isolation Mode, simply right-click an object in either Plan View or the 3D Solid View and select Isolation Mode again or hit Esc on the keyboard.