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  1. Structure with Truss Design Virtual Class - December 2021

    MiTek is offering a 1.5-day virtual Structure with Truss Design virtual class. The dates are December 15th and 16th, with a pre-training meeting on December 14th. The schedule for the training class is at the bottom of this page. Register Now u...
  2. Hardware Requirements

    Download MiTek's latest hardware requirements. Click Here to Navigate to the  MiTek Server Recommendations page. ...
  3. EWP Classes on the MiTek Learning Channel
  4. CompuTrus FAQ
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  6. 4x2 Gable End Component Connections

    A message from Andrew Johnson, PE, MiTek's Director of Engineering Services, Truss Connectors May 20, 2021 Gable end components are intended for use as a continuation of the bearing end wall on which they rest and not as clear span trusses...
  7. 1000 Registrations on the MLC
  8. Transfer Center Standalone Install

  9. Support Site Registration from within Blackpoint- Video
  10. Blackpoint Support Site Registration - Video