SAPPHIRE Viewer Overview

The following is an overview of using SAPPHIRE® Viewer with SAPPHIRE Supply.

MiTek SAPPHIRE Viewer is a scaled-down version of SAPPHIRE Structure that allows users to open, view, comment on, and print Structure files.  To obtain a copy of SAPPHIRE Viewer, go to the following page on and click "Download the SAPPHIRE Viewer."  There is also a link on this page to download installation instructions.  After downloading and installing SAPPHIRE Viewer, open a job.  In Viewer, visibility switches default to those specified in Structure's collaboration rules.  However, these switches can be manipulated to focus on a specific part of a plan.  While viewing the job in 3D, the selector tool can be used to verify products.  The tape measure tool may be used to determine dimensions.  Sapphire Viewer's comment feature can be used to communicate information back to the component manufacturer.  During the review phase, notes can be added to comments created by the component manufacturer.  In addition to reviewing and commenting on a job, Viewer can be used to print layout sheets.  In summary, SAPPHIRE Viewer allows component manufacturers to collaborate with customers who do not have Structure installed.  This increased collaboration reduces the likelihood of costly jobsite errors.