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Virtual Training Day - December 17th
12/17/2021 10:30:00 EST

Sharing Jobs with a MiTek Viewer User - Public

Users can create collaboration rules to control access to a shared job.  In this demonstration, a user will learn how to:

  • require a collaboration rule password to open a job
  • control access to a job based on various criteria
  • set an expiration date for a job
  • control visibility switch settings when the job is opened in MiTek Viewer

In MiTek SAPPHIRE®, collaboration rules provide a means to configure settings for sharing a model.   Watch this short demonstration to learn how to use the Collaboration Rules feature. To begin, first open the Collaboration Rules window by clicking File > Setup > Set Collaboration Rules. The first section of the collaboration rules menu, “Design Rules,” allows a user to set password specifications.  Configuring a password is required if the file is going to be opened in SAPPHIRE Viewer.

The next two fields may be set to “yes” to allow the job to be opened without a password on the designer’s domain or on the current machine.  Setting the first field to Yes allows the job to be opened without a password by any user on the domain. Setting “Open without password on this machine” allows the person who created the job to open it without entering a password.

The next section, “Collaboration Rules,” allows a designer to specify access from a domain and set the amount of time before the file will expire.  Once the job has expired, the file can only be opened in SAPPHIRE with the correct password.

If “Restrict viewing to specified domain” is set to “yes,” two additional fields are displayed. The first field displays the domain in which the job file was created. The second field allows a designer to specify a domain that can view the file without the password. A common use would be that a Component Manufacturer will restrict a file so that it can only be opened by users on a customer’s domain.

The third section, Object Visibility, sets the default visibility switch scheme for the plan when the model is opened in MiTek SAPPHIRE Viewer.  Visibility switch schemes are created in Setup > Manage Job Defaults > Job Settings > Visibility Switches.

Each view type may be set to the current job properties, or to a saved visibility switch scheme. Click “OK” to close the collaboration rules window. The collaboration rules are stored in the job file when saved. In summary, “Collaboration Rules” are used to set a password, define collaboration settings, and define visibility defaults for job files that will be shared via the SAPPHIRE Viewer.