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Virtual Training Day - December 17th
12/17/2021 10:30:00 EST

Support Site Login

Since September 1st, 2022 MiTek Technical Support technicians have fielded increased requests to reset customer passwords for the MiTek Support site. The Support site is the platform customers use to display help and training videos on specific MiTek software topics.

MiTek's weekly electronic newsletters, Productivity and The Estimator, include links to content on the Support site. When customers are not logged into the Support site, a message displays stating that you do not have access to private content:

Or, you are prompted to login:

If you know your password, click "please follow this link" and enter your username and password. You are logged in to the Support site and can access all help and training videos.

However, if you do not know your username and password, use one of the following options to login to the MiTek Support site.

  1. Login through the software.
    • Open MiTek Structure or MiTek Supply.
    • Open any project.
    • Hover over one of the buttons on the ribbon and click a help link. If you don't see the help links displayed in the following screenshot, turn them on in Setup > Program Settings > View and Selection > Help Link Hover Over.
    • The Support site opens, you are automatically logged in, and you can click any link from one of MiTek's electronic newsletters.
  2. Send an email to and ask us to reset your password.
    • Note that this is not an automatic password reset, so there will be a delay. 
    • Please expect the reset to be complete within one business day.