Updated Articles

  1. MiTek Learning Channel Overview

    MiTek is excited to announce the launch of a new Learning Management System (LMS), MiTek Learning Channel . This resource replaces MiTek University and serves as the focal point for all eLearning software classes. MiTek employs two unique online...
  2. Sapphire Cloud Service Levels

    SAPPHIRE® CLOUD SERVICE LEVELS These Service Levels apply to MiTek’s Sapphire® Cloud software services (“Cloud Services”) that are accessed and used pursuant to the MiTek® Sapphire Software Package License & Agre...
  3. Sapphire Cloud Terms of Services

    SAPPHIRE® CLOUD TERMS OF SERVICE The terms and conditions contained in this Sapphire Cloud Terms of Service (“Agreement”) govern Customer’s and its Authorized Users’ (defined below) access to and use of any of the soft...
  4.  Structure - Intro to Chalk Lines

  5.  Structure - New Lifting Point Properties

  6.  Structure - Floor Cassettes - Auto-Dimensioning

  7.  Structure - Panel Report Enhancements - MIT ONLY

  8.  Structure - Added a Disclaimer to Cassette Elevation View

  9.  Management - Multi-Linking Tool

  10.  Production - Adding Saws in version 8.5.0