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Virtual Training Day - December 17th
12/17/2021 10:30:00 EST

Updated Articles

  1. How to Request an MLC Account
  2. Structure with Truss Design Virtual Class

    MiTek is offering a 1.5-day virtual Structure with Truss Design virtual class. The dates are June 1st and 2nd , with a pre-training meeting on May 31st . The schedule for the training class is at the bottom of this page. Regional Class Prerequi...
  3. Structure 101

    MiTek is excited to offer a two-day Structure 101 course to learn layout fundamentals in the modeling software.  This virtual, hands-on session covers all modeling basics, including walls, floors, and roofs. Structure 101 is an essential progra...
  4. Builder Portal 2.0 Dashboard Reminders
  5. WI 141604 – SMDE: Additional issues with Beam Stability Factor

    Description: When designing rectangular members in MiTek Structure/Supply (such as EWP or dimensional lumber), additional issues have been discovered in the Beam/Lateral Stability Factor. The following issues will be addressed in a software update...
  6. Defect Advisory Report WI 143216: Web Stiffeners and I-Joist Design

    Date: March 8, 2022 Description When an I-Joist is designed, higher reactions can be used when a web stiffener is added to the joist at the bearing. In some scenarios, MiTek Structure is not accounting for the additional reaction that an I-Joist c...
  7. HBS Software Milestones - October 2020
  8.  Choosing Part Types and Length
  9.  Selecting and Loading a Job
  10. Virtual Training Test Page

    MiTek is excited to announce its next Virtual Training Day on Friday, March 4th.  Virtual Training is now hosted on: MiTek's online Learning Management System. To register, use group key     VF220304    and sel...