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Virtual Training Day - December 17th
12/17/2021 10:30:00 EST

Virtual Training Day - December 17th

MiTek is excited to announce its next Virtual Training Day on Friday, December 17th, 2021.

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December 17th - All times listed are for the Mountain Time zone.
8:30 AM9:00 AMMiTek Management Basics 
MiTek is offering a 30-minute session highlighting general designer tips for MiTek Management.  The session focuses on designer-centric topics, including re-costing, importing release groups, and adding loose items to a project.      
9:15 AM9:45 AMMiTek Automation 
Join MiTek’s AMPForce team for a 30-minute session covering Preventative Maintenance for MiTek equipment.  This session provides attendees with proven tips and tricks from MiTek equipment manuals, support videos, and maintenance checklists.
10:00 AM10:30 AM

MiTek Structure 853 Review - (NEW)

Join us for a review of new features in MiTek Structure version 853.  Smart Rebuilds – Starting in 8.5.3 user edits to trusses, such as webbing and material changes, will be maintained through automatic rebuilds, and the truss will be highlighted for review.  Manage All Settings – In 8.5.2 this new command was added to File > Setup which launches a window to search all Structure property and setting locations at once and allows changes to any of them.  Floor on Roof/Roof on Floor Manual Loading – In 8.5.3 manual floor loads can be applied to roof trusses and manual roof loads can be applied to floor trusses with the appropriate load cases created automatically.