Training NameTraining DateRegistration URL
Virtual Training Day - December 17th
12/17/2021 10:30:00 EST

Virtual Training Day - Existing Students

 Virtual Training is now hosted on:

MiTek's online Learning Management System.

To register for a Virtual Training event, all attendees must have a MiTek Learning Channel (MLC) account.

The following instructions are for students that have an existing MLC account.

If you do not already have an active MLC account, please Click Here.

Join a Virtual Training Event (group code required)

1) Login into the MiTek Learning Channel and ensure the Dashboard / Home panel is currently selected.

2) Select the Join Group icon at the right.

3) Enter the provided key into the Group Key field and select the Join Group button.

Note: Group keys are not case-sensitive.

4) A confirmation message appears briefly at the top of the screen once you join a group.

5) You are automatically enrolled in any courses within the selected group.

Register for a Virtual Training Session

Note: Each Virtual Training course includes one or more training sessions covering a different topic.

Once enrolled in a Virtual Training course, each participant is required to select the session(s) they would like to attend.

1) To register for a session, select the Virtual Training course on your dashboard.

2) An overview of the training event and a list of sessions offered is displayed at the top.

3) Important notes related to the Webinar are included below the overview.

4) Select the Home link at the top left to return to your dashboard.


5) Select a registration link within the Content section to continue.

6) The Session overview displays:

     a) Session name / topic.

     b) Training date.

     c) Training time.

     d) Current number of attendees / Capacity (if any)

     e) Additional notes and reminders for navigating the site.

7) Select the Register button if you wish to attend the session displayed.