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Virtual Training Day - December 17th
12/17/2021 10:30:00 EST

Virtual Training Test Page

MiTek is excited to announce its next Virtual Training Day on Friday, March 4th.

 Virtual Training is now hosted on:

MiTek's online Learning Management System. To register, use group key   VF220304   and select one of the following:

Four sessions are planned, with an emphasis on material estimating. Sessions include:

October 23rd - All times listed are for the Mountain Time zone.
9:00 AM9:30 AMConfigure the User Interface
This session focuses on gaining efficiency by understanding how to configure the user interface. There are several windows available on the Supply/Structure desktop. What do they all do? Are they necessary? Specific topics include:
  • Setting up the Workspace.
  • Configuring Ribbons.
  • Shortcut Keys.
  • Level Shortcuts.
9:45 AM10:15 AMFormulas
Formulas in MiTek Supply/Structure are powerful. However, they are also under-utilized by many customers. Attend this session to learn:
  • When should I create a formula?
  • How to define formulas that impact multiple products.
  • How to read existing formulas.
Afternoon Sessions
1:00 PM1:30 PMAdditional Material Sets
Material Sets are critical for estimating. During this session, the following topics are introduced:
  • What are Application Categories?
  • How do Material Sets interact with formulas?
  • Once Material Sets are defined, how do they impact the Bill of Materials (BOM)?
1:45 PM2:15 PMAccumulation Rules
Accumulation rules can be defined to assist in creating accurate estimates. These rules, defined in MiTek Materials, are an integral part of any estimator's toolset. Learn more about:
  • Assigning materials to Accumulation Rules.
  • Boolean formulas and how they can be used to create flexible rule sets.
  • How do accumulation rules impact the Bill of Materials (BOM)?